Welcome to UGC Hospice

Our professional Hospice team addresses the medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their loved ones.

At Ultimate Great Care Hospice, we believe in caring for our patients as our own. We believe, the world could be changed with a bit of love, and that all of us should be kind enough to spread the love.

Our aim is to provide individuals with chronic or life threatening illnesses, the best care which is possible. We help to keep them comfortable, and manage their pain. At Ultimate Great Care Hospice, we help the chronically ill to maintain their dignity, liveliness and happiness by providing a team of physicians, medical staffs, and pastors at their disposal.

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  • Kathy F.
    UGC Hospice  is a gift from God to all!! They are the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met! There is no greater service in the world than to comfort and care for the your family member at the end of life on earth!
    Kathy F.
  • Sandra P.
    I appreciate the care my mother received at your place. I was glad when she couldn’t stop speaking about the nurse helping her and being polite to her always. I would remain grateful to you for making her last days so peaceful.
    Sandra P.
  • Marie S.
    Words cannot express the beautiful experience we had with our family. I will forever be grateful for your service. In a time when we could have felt out of sorts and scared, you provided us the opportunity to feel comfort and strength. Most importantly, my family member was tended to by angels on your staff, and left this world the way he lived his life
    Marie S.
  • James K.
    I gratefully thank UGC Hospice for their ability to care and support the patients in their Hospice, and to our dad. We are thankful  for the ministry to our family and you are loved and appreciated
    James K.

    UGC Hospice